Please take the time to read the rules, it will make our co-operation so much more easier. If there is anything you do not understand, please contact us.

  • Clean trades only, by that we mean sites that obey normal trading protocols as listed below:
  • Consoles, pop unders, and all hidden stuff opening up, are forbidden.
  • Quality trades - we try to offer quality to our visitors, we expect the same from you.
  • No illegal sites - no under age, violent and generally unacceptable sites.
  • At least 60% real skim to galleries.
  • Trade with the same niche and category.
  • Stick to the same format - picture sites with picture sites, don't signup your movie site to a picture site!
  • Your productivity must be at least 120%, non productive trades will be deleted.
  • No exploits, viruses and affiliate code theft.
  • Freehosts, subdomains, IPs, dialers or any country redirects are forbidden.
  • New trades are disabled by default. Send 30 hits to have your site reviewed and enabled.

LEGAL WARNING: We are very, very strict when it comes to underage content, please don't come near this site or any of the sites mentioned herein if you are involved in any illegal under age content activities. This is a legal warning - we will report you to the relevant authorities in your jurisdiction if found doing so.